International Women’s Day, celebrated today on March 8th, dates back into 1909 when there was first Women’s Observation Day meeting held in New York City. It continued with march on Trafalgar Square in London in 1914 and all the way to 1917, when women workers in textile industry in Russia started demonstrating which later led to Russian Revolution and gaining right for women to vote.
International Women’s Day celebrates economic, social, political and cultural achievements and rights of women. This day marks our call for celebration gender parity. But do we really have gender parity and even more important would be to ask if we want gender parity? Lately I am thinking what did we gain with trying to be equal to men? Did we gain equal pay and recognition for our work or achievements or we took on more work and responsibility from our men? When I look into as we call it “modern women” trend these days, I see way too many single working mothers, struggling to provide for their children, with no or minimal help from fathers who do not take responsibilities for their offspring. Men left us to take care of their responsibilities, but do not recognise us as equal. As we open magazines, look into book stores and new books, when we listen to radio or watch TV, most of it target advices for women on how to be better in what we do, how to work more, be successful, try to please more, be better mothers, better wives, better looking and better physical shape. And I am asking myself why we as woman go for it. Who do we try to please and why do we thrive to constantly improve in every aspect of our lives. I believe that somewhere in this journey to be recognised as equal to men, women lost respect for themselves. We forgot how to be women, authentic, gentle, vulnerable, romantic and feminine. We do not need to fit into pant suits, become women presidents and forget how to cry to be respected.We cannot be same as men, because we have other powers than men. We need to hold on to our women energy, to our ability for reproduction, our ability to teach our daughters how to love and respect themselves and our sons, that woman’s worth shall be cherished and treasured. Because only men who know woman’s worth will be real men. Changes starts within families, to be later taken to society level. I have many friends that are divorced and get no child support from fathers of their children and I am wondering how is it possible that one man can’t or won’t take equal responsibility. And I have a friend that was asked by Slovenian judge (woman judge) why she wants to press charges over her partner that tried to suffocate her, because it happened only once. That it was first time, woman judge said. Then I know women who willingly accept a role of other woman, mistress. And then I start wondering if we as women have respect for ourselves and each-other? When we do not respect each-other, how can we expect to be respected by men.
So that is why I wanted for us to rethink what is the Women’s Day celebration or what do we want everyday? What do we want for us women in the future? Do we want to be loved and happy, respected and admired for what we are or do we want to have equal number of women in politics, high profile positions with equal salaries and social economic status? Do we want men to take equal responsibilities for relationships, their children and happy families? We need to be aware that with teaching our children, we have power to make changes; to teach our children that woman has equal right to be treated with love and respect every day, not only on women’s day. And we will never be equal to men, because we are women and they are men and we cannot be same.


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