It has been a year since I wrote my last blog and it amazes me how fast time flies and how rapidly a year will turn around. And not even that, but how much can happen in a life of one in just a year. And since December is my favourite month due to many celebrations it brings and since this is the month most of us contemplate on where we are from the last year celebrations, did we achieved what we wanted and was that astrology forecast for a year accurate, did I experience all I have planned; I decided it is time for me to come back to myself and my writing, the thing I love to do and that comes easy to me.

On most of my days, I have those inner mind talks with myself, all planned out what I want to say and write and then somehow I get caught up in everyday routine and just loose that extra time to put everything down on a paper or sit by the computer and just do it.

My past year was  full of unexpected surprises made of great trips, exploring my inner self and the World around me, some disappointing moments and events, new discoveries, and goodbyes to some people I loved dearly. What I have learned is that there is no right or wrong, but just experiences and that based on our own actions it will determine our direction. I finally determined that it is time to turn direction in a way I want and to put myself as the number one on my life register. When I was younger, I was afraid that putting myself first would be a selfish act that would drive people I love away, but finally I learned that people who love me, will learn to respect me and my boundaries and will love seeing me being true to myself. All others will fall away as leaves fall from trees in autumn.

I will give myself and my blog a fresh start this December and will write it as a diary of my life experiences and assessments. I will sometimes write it as a reaction, other times as a conception, then next will be notion, on other occasions judgements or speculation , but most of all it will be who I am TRUTHFUL.

May our December start with the believing that we already have it all and be filled with good thoughts and kindness that brings us happy moments.


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