Since I didn’t make any new resolutions in this new year, I am enjoying January as the month who extended into meeting with friends and continuing December celebrations of all birthdays and new endeavours that awaits us in 2019. For so many years I have struggled with expectations I have set for myself and apologizing for not having career that I forgot to appreciate myself and small things I do on a daily basis and those often matter the most.  As most of the SWAGS would understand me, for me it was never hard to accept that my husband is the “breeder” for our family and that I follow his career standing behind him, but it was more of trying to fit into what people around me expect me to be. It took years to learn and experience to gain as well as lots of self growth and therapy sessions to realize that it is just not the average lifestyle to live. In a way when I now look back, it was easy when I was in college, because when someone would ask me what is it that I do, I could respond that I am in college. As it would be something bad if I just said I am a homemaker, full time wife and mother. I worked on many project in past years, selling properties, running a Pilates studio, attended many semniras, got certificates, but nothing has made me as happy as having time to watch how my daugthers grow and learn, having time to cook meals for my family, plan, build and decorate our beautiful home, travel and work on myself growth. The breaking point for me whas when therapists said to me that I shall realise that people work most of their lives to achieve what I have: time and resources to live exactly how I want and do what I love. Then I relaised I achieved what I wanted and that I should stop comparing myself to other women, especially hard working women and stop trying to be superwoman who does it all.  I realised it is hard to have it all: carrer, family, good relationships and time for yourself.  And the more I observe, the more I realise that too often we are quick to judge other people lives, because who does have it all? It is all perception and how you see it. And it is all what matters to you. It is not about status, titles and names. It is about what makes you happy. Even now, when I am back to my blog, I decided, I will take it for fun, as my own project on my own terms, write when I feel like it and stop stressing what should grow from it or where it will go. Finally I am at peace, I can enjoy what I have been given…. Relaxed January.

December contemplations

Decmber is a month when most of us are looking throughtfully at our past year and re-examine all the events that took place and how they affected us. In this past year two of a very dear people to me died or as I like to say crossed over, since I believe that there is a life after death. I like to imagine that one leaves their body, but soul crosses over into other dimensions. I believe that at birth we are assigned a day when we will cross over. But what I realized when I for the first time encountered a death of a loved ones is that you leave life on Earth all alone and you can’t take anything with you but memories and experiences that you have made at a time that was given to you. What struck me most is that tea cup at the house was exactly at same place where she left it. Her notebook was at the same place. Evertyhing was the same, except she was gone. And as I remebered our deep talks over friendly lunches and coffes , i always admired her wisdom and advice to not forget to be kind to myself. To cherish every moment I have and not to stress over the actions of other people. Once can only be responisble for his/her own deed. Thought that was a confort to all that loved her, is that finally she is renutied with her fristborn duagther and that she lived her life fully as a professionall and as a wife and mother. She left us in Spring and I still think of her often.

The death of a childhood friend that left us a month ago struck me harder, since she was a young woman at the best age of her life battling a cancer for months, knowing her four year old daugther is loosing her mother. Since I have learned about her struggle with health and battling cancer, I couldn’t but daily of thinking of unfairness and why it happened to her hoping that she will miraceously beat it and stay with us. It gave me tremendous sense of gilt for being healthy and happy and enjoying my own happiness. But at the same time it gave me appreciation for my heath and it reminded me that everyday is a gift and that life shall not be taken too seriously. I tresure time I knew her. We never know when is our time, when we fullfilled our mission on Earth and that nothing is worth our stress.

Thus I decided that this December I will be first kind to myself and enjoy all the festivites of the month that I love so much. I will cherish time with my family and friends. I will do extra decorations, sing louder, dance harder and thank for ability to enjoy everything that life offers me. After all Decmber is the last one, so it shall be the best one.

Hello December


It has been a year since I wrote my last blog and it amazes me how fast time flies and how rapidly a year will turn around. And not even that, but how much can happen in a life of one in just a year. And since December is my favourite month due to many celebrations it brings and since this is the month most of us contemplate on where we are from the last year celebrations, did we achieved what we wanted and was that astrology forecast for a year accurate, did I experience all I have planned; I decided it is time for me to come back to myself and my writing, the thing I love to do and that comes easy to me.

On most of my days, I have those inner mind talks with myself, all planned out what I want to say and write and then somehow I get caught up in everyday routine and just loose that extra time to put everything down on a paper or sit by the computer and just do it.

My past year was  full of unexpected surprises made of great trips, exploring my inner self and the World around me, some disappointing moments and events, new discoveries, and goodbyes to some people I loved dearly. What I have learned is that there is no right or wrong, but just experiences and that based on our own actions it will determine our direction. I finally determined that it is time to turn direction in a way I want and to put myself as the number one on my life register. When I was younger, I was afraid that putting myself first would be a selfish act that would drive people I love away, but finally I learned that people who love me, will learn to respect me and my boundaries and will love seeing me being true to myself. All others will fall away as leaves fall from trees in autumn.

I will give myself and my blog a fresh start this December and will write it as a diary of my life experiences and assessments. I will sometimes write it as a reaction, other times as a conception, then next will be notion, on other occasions judgements or speculation , but most of all it will be who I am TRUTHFUL.

May our December start with the believing that we already have it all and be filled with good thoughts and kindness that brings us happy moments.

Day at a Ziva Wellness Spa, Bled

In cold December days when nights are long and days shortest, we shall be more in tune with nature, but instead we are trying to fit in those last minute endeavours before the end of the year. In Slovenia we call it Happy December, because everyone is celebrating the year that is about to turn into new one. Companies are hosting wild Christmas parties and many events and promotions are taking place, trying to convince us, how we need to shop more, decorate more, meet with everyone to make it more festive and merrier. In this busy schedule to get away from December madness Better-lifestyle team decided that we will take day off and relax at beautiful Bled and Ziva Wellness Spa, Wellness for Body and Spirit. Betterlifestyle partner Mercedes gave us their new E class 220 beauty to make our day and drive perfect. In Ziva Wellness we got welcomed by staff that opened the door of beautiful Spa area where you can enjoy great choices of different spa treatments with Babor cosmetics or relax in steam rooms and finish saunas, after which you dip into a pool that is overlooking beautiful Bled castle, which history reaches back to 11th century.
What Betterlifestyle team learned in Ziva Wellness Spa is that days like this, getting away from your busy schedule to feed your soul are important not only for health, but can as well enhance creativity and productiveness. Staff at Sava hotels educated us about all the similar experiences they are offering in their repertoire of services. You can choose from services at Ziva Wellness Spa , to Aqua-pass that will take you to all Sava Hotels&Resort water parks: Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, Terme Lendava, Terme Banovci , Zdravilisce Radenci and Sava Hotels Bled. To enhance your experience you can add a relaxing massage, a beauty treatment, a visit to warm swimming pools or/and relaxation in the saunas. It is not late to gift your loved ones with great choices of surprise gift vouchers from Ziva Wellness Spa or vouchers that can be redeemed in any Sava Hotels to begin New Year relaxed and rested, ready to take on new endeavours.

We recommend https://www.sava-hotels-resorts.com/si/sava-hoteli-bled/wellness/wellness-ziva?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5Z-r3fGk2AIVcSjTCh16tQBGEAAYASAAEgI9S_D_BwE


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Traveling to Slovenia

        Slovenia is one of the greenest country in the midst of Europe. Natural beauty, Slovenia offers incredible mist of a land that resides on sunny side of Alps, but has a Mediterranean coast. You can find underground caves, magical lakes with parks, ski slopes and coast in a country of two million habitants. Slovenia offers exceptional diversity, nature, cleanliness and warm hearted people. When in Slovenia, there are world wide attractions that shall be visited. If you haven’t heard of it yet, at Postojna cave it is a birthplace and residence of a human fish, the only kind of species in the World. And last year, they had very productive season, since few new human fishes were born. Postojna cave has been opened for more than 200 years and it hosted millions of visitors, offering unique experiencess. Besides Postojna cave, one of the biggest and world wide known attractions, is lake Bled. Lake Bled is proclaimed as sixth most magical attraction in the World. It is surrounded by beautiful Julian alps and its specialty is small island in the middle of the lake, where there is a small church form 17th century decorated with beautiful gothic fresque. You will need to walk 99 stone b, baroque style steps to arrive to the church of Assumption of Mary to ring the bell at least three times at the church tower that will bring you luck (by the legend). After boat ride to the small island and visiting the church, there is as well beautiful medieval castle , the oldest castle in Slovenia, built in renaissance arhitectual style overlooking lake Bled. You will be able to learn the legend through museum and afterwards enjoy a meal with breathtaking view to the beautiful lake Bled and its island. It is interesting as well to know that American first lady Melania Trump, chose Lake Bled as a destination where she first introduced her parents to her then partner and today husband Donald Trump. No wonders magic did its course at the Lake Bled, where Slovenian beauty showed all her power.

From Ljubljana to Lake Bled , Postojna cave , ski slopes of Kranjska Gora, rafting at  Soca, Slovenian coast and beautiful Piran, wine country of Brda and Prekmurje where you will be treated to best local food and wines, there is endless options for activities and unique expereinces. Slovenia has it all.
Slovenia is a gem in the midst of Europe, where if you want to maximise your traveling experience you shall visit and contact Roundabout agency at http://www.travel-slovenia.com to have best traveling experiences that will best fit your wishes and bring best value for your money. Roundabout agency offers you best tours packages around Slovenia, recommendations what to visit and organises private or group tours and activities based on your desires.



Exploring Canada, Blue Mountain Village

     Exploring Canada continued from Niagara Falls to Blue Mountain Village, where our friends own their vacation home. What amazed me about this beautiful village overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay and Lake Huron is the good vibes it spreads that instantly make you feel alive, ready to hike or dance at their beautiful square in the middle of the village.  As we were walking the streets, Elvis Presly festival was going on, and I was all of a sudden surrounded by many Elvises’ and people dancing at the melodies of never forgotten Elvis music and legacy. The positivity of people and fresh air made me realize that what is coming in this weekend will be full of positive vibes and good energy. And it really was. Activities that we were taking on this weekend included hiking beuatiful hills and forrest, going to swim at their swimming pool full of fun gadgets for children which made my daugther proclaim that this is best swimming pool in her life and dipping into lake Huron and riding with kids on a roller coaster. And this was only few things that we managed to do in our weekend getaway since there are never ending fun activities that won’t let you be bored in Blue Mountain. Local restaurants are amazing and won’t leave you disapointed, but make sure to make reservations in advance since this is the most popular winter and summer getaway for Ontario habitants. . There is even shopping that can be done and you won’t come home just full of sweet memories but as well with beautiful local hand made souvenirs.

I am attaching link where you can find all the activities, events, shops and restaurants in Blue Mountain https://www.bluemountain.ca/things-to-do

For any additional info, recommendations or reservations write us at info@betterlifestyle.si



Exploring Canada, Niagara Falls

When I travel with family and my children, I tend to explore what best suits their age and how to maximize their learning experience when visiting another country. My oldest daugther usually needs to read a book about it and after discussion of what she has learned, we decide what she would like to see and experience. And since this was third traveling together with Nika to Canada and frist one with Eva, who is only three years old, we needed to compromise on what suits them both and at the same time try to have some quality adult time with my husband and our friends.
On our fisrt mom and daugther trip (March 2016), me and Nika alongside with Spela and Zoltan (my best friend and her son, now both living in Canada) decided that we will visit first visit the worldwide known waterfalls on Niagara river that marks the border between United States and Canada. We first stopped at Great Wolf Lodge (www.greatwolf.com),  an adventure water park resort nearby Niagara Falls, where children can enjoy mighty indoor water park consisting of water slides, thrill rides, splash and fun and even a spa treatement room with full service for little ladies. Everything in this resort is completely fitted for children joy and happiness. To be honest I had to prepare myself mentally for it, since I despise big crowds and getting into same water with bunch of strangers,as much as I dislike crowded lobbies and restaurants. Of course kids loved it and since they got their joyful experience of “wolfs” features and slides, me and Spela vowed we won’t step our foot into this resort again. What I loved about this trip is that after sleeping with “wolfs”, we got into crazy spirit. When I saw helicopter stand from our hotel room window and outloud dreamed of hopping on it , Spela, despite her flying fobia decided to join me in this crazy adventure of exploring Niagara Falls from air. This was my far best and favourite experience I have had in Canada. The magnificent Niagara Falls views from the air were exceptional. This si something I recommend and I would do it in a heartbeat again. For more fun at Niagara, there is beautiful and very interesting Ripley , Believe it or Not! Museum (www.ripley.com) that we visited this August and even my three year old enjoyed it. Ripley museum holds an incredible collections of weird and interesting things from all over the World, with an illussion department of museum as well. And for more kids fun at Niagara, you can take the boat tour to see the falls close up, or visit one of the Haunted houses,  eat in most of the world wide known franchise restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe(www.hardrock.com) or Rainforest Cafe,restaurant that recreates Amazon rainforest, making simulation of the sights and sounds of animals and thunderstorms of a jungle (www.therainforest.com.) When leaving Niagara and beautiful falls, Spela and I both agreed that in few days we are visiting Niagara without children (leaving them at the care of their fathers for a day), and that we just want some girls fun. We went to Fashion Outlets of Niagarra Falls (www.fashionoutletsniagara.com) and experienced great shopping at discounted prices and afterwards enjoyed delicious lunch at the Aroma Cafe (www.aroma.ca) Since we didn’t make it to one of the wineries that you can find in small villages on the way to the Niagara, we woed that we will bring our husbands on a weekend at Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery (www.gretzkyestateswines.com), next time. Thus, for a teaser we bought couple of botlles of wine to take on a weekend getaway at our friends weekend house at a village nearby the Blue Mountain.
On beautiful Blue Mountain Village, what I recommend there and our family weekend getaway at a year round mountain and hiking destination, overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay and Lake Huron I will write in my next blog.

For any additional questions or help with your traveling plans, you can always contact us at info@betterlifestyle.si.

Exploring Canada

For the past two weeks I have been on a family vacations between Canada’s Oakville,that is suburban town part of the greater Toronto area and Blue Mountain Village, one of the favourite vacations spots or weekend destination for Canadians from Ontario area. It took me few visits to start liking Canda, because of my first experience ten years ago, when I moved to Toronto overnight due to my husbands work. At that time, when I moved with three year old daugther to follow my husband, i disliked Toronto so much, I remembered it only as a dark place with nothing to do, way too cold winters and wind that gave the coldest chills to my heart. Despite all the great stories I have heard about Toronto, being called canadian New York, offering great multicultural experience, amazing nature and kind people, I just didn’t like it.
Now years later when one of my best friends from Slovenia moved to Canada after marrying our family friend (by the way, I introduced her to her husband), I decided to give Toronto and Canada one more chance. I purposely came in winter time in March 2016 with my daugther and this time, with a great company of a friends to show me the beauty of Canada and canadian winter , we liked Toronto so much that we decided to come again for family vacations this summer. After a month on a hot Croatian beach, we were ready to experience the beauty of multicultural Toronto, beauty of Niagara Falls, and beautiful green nature of Blue Mountain overlooking stunning Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.
It amazes me how impressions of countries are completely determined by the state of mind we are at the time; experiences and feelings determine wheter we will like it or not. When I asked my friend to compare a life as a Canadian to Slovenian, we both agreed that the countries are similar in natural beauties. Both have amazing lakes, hiking spots, cities that offer variety of food experiences and things to do, from Festivals, to shows, Slovenia and Canada both being also child friendly. Of course Canada, has everything in bigger dimensions as well more cultural, dinning and overall options, but on the other side wider roads with crazy traffic, which requries longer traveling time to get anywhere. And what suprised me is that now a year later many more Canadians know where Slovenia is and I am wondering if that has something to do with American First Lady that comes from beautiful Slovenia.
In my next blog, I will write you what we loved most on our vacations in Canada and what I recommend to visit when in Toronto area. Stay tuned….


Short getaway to Venice

Not only Slovenia is a beautiful country with many natural beauties, it has an amazing position in Central Europe where by car you can visit many world wide known attractions and capital cities. As a new year resolution and with co-creating Betterlifestyle project, I decided I will travel more to near by places for short trips. And frist on my list was Venice, since it has been years since I walked the streets of Venice. Ljubljana is only two hours and a half drive from Venice. When you take road trip from Ljubljana to Venice, you have an option to stop at a nice outlet malls, to take a break, have the best italian cappucino, gelato or do some shopping for beautiful italian designs at a discounted prices.
Few weeks ago I asked Ana (Betterlifestyle partner and a friend) if she would join me on a trip to Venice, since I wished it to be my time off, and just fun. Of course Ana , who is at all times business oriented and a woman behind the scene (making me write blogs, take photos, and all the media activities for Betterlifestyle) wouldn’t let us do it without taping it. What I didn’t say on this video is that we both enjoyed our time off from small children, that we used this time to brainstorm on our future eneadvors and did much needed girl talk. Shopping in Noventi di Piave (Designer outlet mall just 20miles away from Venice) was a HIT with discounted prices being discounted again. This is how I scored beautiful Valentino shoes for just 210EUR, that I believe will wear even more knowing I didn’t spend fortune for them. I don’t know about you, but I see that I love wearing things that I bought on special deals. After big economic recession few years ago, i believe the whole world changed and so did my thinking on spending. I learned to wait for sales and never again to pay full prices for things I do not necesarilly need or absolutely love at the moment. Since I didn’t want to be the only one shopping, I convinced Ana to buy herself new Michael Kors purse, which was the spur of the moment,completly unplanned, but much needed. After this short shopping stop, we were in a hurry to arrive to the city of Venice, before storm that was on a horizont. Our plan was to be in Venice for dinner and explore it during nigttime, when streets are cooler and less crowded.We wanted to feel the Venice at nightime, so we reached Sain Mark square at midnight. Basilic San Mark and its square, which are the symbols of Venetian power and wealth were wahed by beautiful moonlight with all the byzantine and gothic glory. We enjoyed the peace for the moment and cocnluded the night feeling serednipity from beautiful arhitrcture and happy that we made it to Venice.

Short trip to Venice encouraged our team to offer it as a part of Betterlifestyle services for small groups that want to have different and unique experience, where we can organize car rental, shopping, sightseeing and wine tasting for weekend or two days getaways. For more contact us at info@betterlifestyle.si

Sometimes we just need a break to get away

Last week was the first time in a long time, I stayed home alone. My children went to sea side with my family for a week and my husband left for a business trip. Even though my family suggested for me to go with them (which I believe would be fun) and my husband asked me to join at his trip (which I know would end up being “us” time), I decided I needed a break from everyone. I much needed “me” time, which I haven’t had in years, to gather my thoughts and my own energy. Since giving birth to my younger daugther Eva (3years old), I haven’t had my own time, without anyone, being able to just do whatever without any distraction. For the longest time I contemplated if I shoould take time off and not to mention sense of guilt of leaving children. When in January I joined Betterlifestyle team and my blog and once again went on a journey where I will make my own career, I was comitted that this time I will not give in and promised myself I will know in what situations and how I will put my self first. Before I usually always somehow gave in to my loved ones and their needs and often forgot what I need as a woman, not only as a mother or wife. All these years my family was first. I started feeling overwhelmed and like I am living other peoples lives, giving my energy away and juggle with how to keep up with my own.I realized we all need breaks sometimes. I am no different. And most of all, I relaized that nothing bad is going to happen and that I can still be good mother and good wife, even better one, if I take care of my own needs as well. Especially working mothers, or any mothers, especially ones with small children are the ones that do need to have break, to restore energy and keep their sanity.
So this one week break was long aniticpated and I decided I will use it as much for my own interests and what I like to do. That is why I decided I will not go to groceriess all week, I won’t do any dishes,I won’t reorganize house, I won’t do laundry, I won’t cook and prepare any meals, no housework, period.This was so liberating. To be at home and do asbolutely none of housework. I took time for some Betterlifestyle work, I took time to see some friends I haven’t seen for a long time, to visit my friend who just gave birth of a new baby, I went to a bachelorette party, I partied , I read, I slept, I shoped and even took a trip to Venice. This week got me thinking why in our culture (I compare myself to my Slovenian friends), we think we need to be perfect mothers, wifes, workers and houskeepers. Why in our culture majority believe that most of family work needs to be done by woman. Why when your man or grandparents helps you, it is treated like he/they are doing a favor to you? It is acutally not a favor, but taking your part of responsibilty of being a parent or grandparent.It is showing your child or grand child that you love them, that you want to engage with them, that you care for them. And because everyone needs to realize, that while it is the best job ever to be a mother, it is also necesarry to have a break, and be able to have a time where you re not engaged in any of your children needs and being on call. I admit without any sense of guilt, I didn’t miss my daugthers on my “off” week, I didn’t miss my husband, but a day when they were expected to arrive, I was ecxcited to prep the house, do grocerries, to make their favourite meal and to give them all my energy and love. I realized that when I get time off to rest and recuperate my energy, I am better mother and wife.