New Year, 2019, New Resolutions

I count January 3rd as a New Year in Slovenia, since this is the day children are back to preschool and school and everyone and everything is back to work. On January 3rd life goes back to its normal routine and Holidays are over. End of the 2018 and enetring into 2019 in Slovenia, we had 10days long holidays. And as I had my kids at home, out of school, entertaining them, cooking, serving, cleaning and making the most of our family time, I didn’t even have time to engage into this well know all around the World tradition of setting new goals and making new resolutions of how am I going to improve myself and my life in this 2019 New Year. In December one of the books I read ,had this great questionnare made out of 77 questions that you are supposed to answer every week for few weeks in order to help you set goals and find your life prupose and I didn’t even manage to do that. I did think about questions that had been asked, but somehow didn’t sit down and do the homework. Often I am questioning is it me and maybe my poor skills of time organization or is it that days are just going by so fast that I would need that 25th hour to squeeze everything in? Then , i was wondering is it my comfort zone of life I have created that is preventing me from setting new “serious” goals? Or is it that I am just most of the time satisified with my life the way it is and I am trying to fit into these classic standards becaose of the culture I live in and of what most of the people around me do. But if I look into most common New Year’s resolutions, those are mainly eat healthier, get more exercise, lose weight, drink less and save more money  and so on. But most of that, I have already been doing for past years. And the more I contemplate of how should I improve my life, the more I realize, that I don’t need such called New Year’s  resolutions and improvements, because on majority of days I feel good and happy with how I eat, excersise, how much I drink, how I look , my financial situation, my relationships and overall how I live. And I was thinking so what if my new years resolutions would start without any resolutions and just resolution to finally accept how I live, stop apologizing for my choices, stop thinking why I didn’t write new goals and just live every day as it is to the fullest, smile a lot, spending time with my family and friends and just being happy in my comfort zone. Maybe I am the type of person who doesn’t need specific goals to push me forward or doesn’t need constant challenges to prove something to myself or the World. Over the years I proved to myself what I needed and now I can peacefully start New Year happy that I live in peace, that I am healthy and people I love are healthy and that we have warm home with food on a table and few Euros in my pocket to have fun with my friends. There is not much more I need for my happiness in 2019. If it stays as it is, I am happy. So I am starting 2019 as a Non Reolution year and hopefully I will suprise myself with new unplanned adventures.

December contemplations

Decmber is a month when most of us are looking throughtfully at our past year and re-examine all the events that took place and how they affected us. In this past year two of a very dear people to me died or as I like to say crossed over, since I believe that there is a life after death. I like to imagine that one leaves their body, but soul crosses over into other dimensions. I believe that at birth we are assigned a day when we will cross over. But what I realized when I for the first time encountered a death of a loved ones is that you leave life on Earth all alone and you can’t take anything with you but memories and experiences that you have made at a time that was given to you. What struck me most is that tea cup at the house was exactly at same place where she left it. Her notebook was at the same place. Evertyhing was the same, except she was gone. And as I remebered our deep talks over friendly lunches and coffes , i always admired her wisdom and advice to not forget to be kind to myself. To cherish every moment I have and not to stress over the actions of other people. Once can only be responisble for his/her own deed. Thought that was a confort to all that loved her, is that finally she is renutied with her fristborn duagther and that she lived her life fully as a professionall and as a wife and mother. She left us in Spring and I still think of her often.

The death of a childhood friend that left us a month ago struck me harder, since she was a young woman at the best age of her life battling a cancer for months, knowing her four year old daugther is loosing her mother. Since I have learned about her struggle with health and battling cancer, I couldn’t but daily of thinking of unfairness and why it happened to her hoping that she will miraceously beat it and stay with us. It gave me tremendous sense of gilt for being healthy and happy and enjoying my own happiness. But at the same time it gave me appreciation for my heath and it reminded me that everyday is a gift and that life shall not be taken too seriously. I tresure time I knew her. We never know when is our time, when we fullfilled our mission on Earth and that nothing is worth our stress.

Thus I decided that this December I will be first kind to myself and enjoy all the festivites of the month that I love so much. I will cherish time with my family and friends. I will do extra decorations, sing louder, dance harder and thank for ability to enjoy everything that life offers me. After all Decmber is the last one, so it shall be the best one.

Astrology forecast for week 4.11.- 11.11.2019

We are entering a week that will be great for business ventures, since the Moon is in its growing phase, which brings us progress in our endeavours and prosperity.

If we may encounter some difficulties at the beginning od this week, we can look forward to much better following at the end of this week. We will feel Mercury retrograde, which is going through Scorpio sign, bringing strong intuition that will gives us opportunities and second chances to make things right. If we didn’t succeed for the first time, Mercury retrograde is offering us second chances. This is especially influencing everyone who has Mercury retrograde in their natal chart. This weak Mercury retrograde is forming sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing us  risky business investments , that can turn out being successful. In times of Mercury retrograde don’t start new projects ,don’t sign new contracts, be careful when signing important documents and making travel plans. This is not the right time to buy any new home appliances or cars, because they won’t serve you well due to Mercury retrograde. Venus is this week traveling through fiery Sagittarius which brings us good business opportunities abroad or good communications with foreigners. At this time we as well have good chances that our friendships turn into love affairs and we will encounter more social gatherings and fun times.

Today, on Monday, there is first Moon Quarter, which brings crisis in partnerships, thus try to avoid fights and feisty discussions. On Tuesday we will encounter great influence of Mars and Pluto square, which brings inner tensions, stressful energy and chances of mass violence. Be mindful, especially when driving vehicles. At least we can thank to the moon in Aquarius , which brings more social life, love for freedom, wellbeing and will force us to be more tolerate towards any outbursts, bad moods and unusual situations.

On Wednesday Moon will go from Aquarius to sensitive Pieces which will bring the need for understanding others, more daydreaming, sentimentality and need to please others. On Thursday Moon will form all the nice aspects with other planets, giving us a great chance to manage all our affairs, finish projects and settle long waited issues.  Mercury is standing on Fixed star  Agena on 23º Scorpio 34′ from Centaurus constellation which is emphasising friendships and strong bond with finances and important people. All this will be forced by Mercury retrograde and your strong intuition. We will make sure that all our papers are well inspected at this time, so we can organise and arrange them. We can get surprised by unexpected financial gain that was long awaited.

On Friday Sun in Scorpio will form all the positive aspects with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which brings us accepting our responsibilities with help of our strong intuition and expanding our creativity.

Mars is in Libra, which means our sides can easily turn and change our minds often. Mars in in conjunction with two important Fixed stars  Spike on 23º Libra 50′ and Arcturus on 24º Libra 14′ which brings us feelings of personal powers, success and reputation. At the end of the week Moon will change signs and go from sensitive Pieces to fiery Aries, which brings us the power and determination to fight for what we want and believe in.   We will be overwhelmed by feeling that we need to finish up everything planned and thus we will act impatient and determined. This feeling will be as well forced by sextile between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pieces, giving us feeling that perseverance and faith will ensure success.

Women’s Day shall be Every Day

     International Women’s Day, celebrated today on March 8th, dates back into 1909 when there was first Women’s Observation Day meeting held in New York City. It continued with march on Trafalgar Square in London in 1914 and all the way to 1917, when women workers in textile industry in Russia started demonstrating which later led to Russian Revolution and gaining right for women to vote.
International Women’s Day celebrates economic, social, political and cultural achievements and rights of women. This day marks our call for celebration gender parity. But do we really have gender parity and even more important would be to ask if we want gender parity? Lately I am thinking what did we gain with trying to be equal to men? Did we gain equal pay and recognition for our work or achievements or we took on more work and responsibility from our men? When I look into as we call it “modern women” trend these days, I see way too many single working mothers, struggling to provide for their children, with no or minimal help from fathers who do not take responsibilities for their offspring. Men left us to take care of their responsibilities, but do not recognise us as equal. As we open magazines, look into book stores and new books, when we listen to radio or watch TV, most of it target advices for women on how to be better in what we do, how to work more, be successful, try to please more, be better mothers, better wives, better looking and better physical shape. And I am asking myself why we as woman go for it. Who do we try to please and why do we thrive to constantly improve in every aspect of our lives. I believe that somewhere in this journey to be recognised as equal to men, women lost respect for themselves. We forgot how to be women, authentic, gentle, vulnerable, romantic and feminine. We do not need to fit into pant suits, become women presidents and forget how to cry to be respected.We cannot be same as men, because we have other powers than men. We need to hold on to our women energy, to our ability for reproduction, our ability to teach our daughters how to love and respect themselves and our sons, that woman’s worth shall be cherished and treasured. Because only men who know woman’s worth will be real men. Changes starts within families, to be later taken to society level. I have many friends that are divorced and get no child support from fathers of their children and I am wondering how is it possible that one man can’t or won’t take equal responsibility. And I have a friend that was asked by Slovenian judge (woman judge) why she wants to press charges over her partner that tried to suffocate her, because it happened only once. That it was first time, woman judge said. Then I know women who willingly accept a role of other woman, mistress. And then I start wondering if we as women have respect for ourselves and each-other? When we do not respect each-other, how can we expect to be respected by men.
So that is why I wanted for us to rethink what is the Women’s Day celebration or what do we want everyday? What do we want for us women in the future? Do we want to be loved and happy, respected and admired for what we are or do we want to have equal number of women in politics, high profile positions with equal salaries and social economic status? Do we want men to take equal responsibilities for relationships, their children and happy families? We need to be aware that with teaching our children, we have power to make changes; to teach our children that woman has equal right to be treated with love and respect every day, not only on women’s day. And we will never be equal to men, because we are women and they are men and we cannot be same.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty


Few days ago, when I visited birthplace of Aphrodite in Paphos, Cyprus, I was contemplating what is the true, principal meaning of love and beauty, that we distorted lately. Since then I have been thinking about woman power and beauty.
For those who are not familiar with greek mythology, Aphrodite is goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and fertility. The legend says that Zeus (king of all gods) was so afraid that her beauty could cause wars, that he had her marry to the ugly and deformed god Hephaestus ( god of fire, craftsmen and sculpture) , to keep her safe. But Aphrodite was not stopped and she had many lovers and children. Aphrodite is said to be lady of Cyprus,, because she was born at Phapos, as a result of castration of Uranus (god of sky) genitals, that were thrown into the sea and caused the foam from which beautiful goddess was born. That is why when in Cyprus, legend says swimming at Aphrodite beach will make you beautiful, young and fertile.
As of woman energy and power of beauty, woman love and fertility, I am often thinking about how beauty is being too much objectified these days. Women should look into being beautiful not only by our physical appearance, but also by our experiences, our attitude, our personality, our talents and our confidence. You were given the body you have, so celebrate it, value it and care for it. Standards of physical beauty are changing constantly, but love for yourself is bringing lifelong satisfaction and happiness. Because what can be more influential than gratitude for what you have, love for how you look and appreciation for what you have learned from past experiences? When I discussed woman issues with my dear friend Valentina, she once pointed out that she is concerned about so many women are talking that they want to look more attractive, but no one is talking about trying to become better person. And I couldn’t agree more. Lets  be aware of our ability for loving ourselves and others and power to be good people. That doesn’t mean we should ignore all the fun stuff that was made or given to us as women to have fun, but I mean not to take beauty trends too seriously and enjoy all those things women can do, that men can’t.
I did put my legs into cold sea water where Aphrodite was born, and I thanked mother Earth for my healthy body and once again promised myself I will do my best to love myself and appreciate my woman power, try everyday to be better person and love the goddess that is whit-in me.

Good things happen when you exercise

Even though I was moving with my husband, what I remember most while relocating, is feeling anxious how will I accommodate to new environment and meet new people. I knew I will have to form new friendships, if I didn’t want to spend my days without friends and support group. I didn’t want to stay home all day and wait for my husband to come home from his work.
So when you are moving to a new country or new town, after settling in, it is beneficial to subscribe yourself to local gym, yoga or pilates class, because that way you can meet new people, that are not involved in your workplace or your husband workplace. Not only will you meet people, you will get into regular exercise routine with benefits of social life, support group and stress relief. Not to mention being guilt-free for eating chocolate while being overstressed by unpacking or settling your child into new daycare or school.
I know how hard it is for a woman to take her own time out of family time (I have been there), but it will benefit everyone in household if a mother and wife takes her workout class. Do something for yourself. Taking care of YOU will make your lifestyle better no matter where you life.
When I first moved to the United States, my husband subscribed me to gym, because he was worried I will be lonely when he is at work. When I lived in Indianapolis, for the first month, I only knew how to drive to gym and groceries. That made me feel savage. Later, whenever we moved, that was my habit, to first subscribe to pilates classes. I have met amazing women and formed life-lasting friendships through my workout classes. We had so many funny stories and moments that we shared at our classes. My girls and me resolved  many broken hearts, children tantrums, husband issues and discussed new fashion trends while sweating. Not only I got my body in shape after two pregnancies, I as well achieved inner peace and clear mind.
If you find yourself relocating to Ljubljana or just visiting it, I recommend you visit Slovenian biggest and most equipped wellness and fitness studio. In Sunny studio they as well have an amazing wellness program and a food bar where you can enjoy freshly made quick lunches or snacks, all made from ecological ingridients from nerby farm.  Check it all out at Sunny Studio (http://www.sunny.si).


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Pilates is my passion.

I was introduced to Pilates 13 years ago while I was living in Indianapolis.  Since then pilates has been my favorite work out routine. Not only did I train at pilates studios, but I also made many friendship through my workouts. One of those is my long time friendship with Spela Perc (I will write separate blog on how I introduced her to her husband:). From our client-instructor relationship, we became friends and later business partners.

I am  the co-founder of Smart Movement and this is the second project that me and Spela Perc have partnered on.

Smart Movement is a unique and innovative personal training, a functional and healthy workout, which tones the body in a natural way.

We offer workshops that present a unique concept of training and relaxation specifically developed for the issues employees and employers are facing in today’s corporate world. We bring a fresh and practical approach that will work for each person in your organization and help them understand the connection between a healthy mind and body and their performance and work habits. It also helps them create healthy habits to ensure they are performing at the optimal level.

For more about Smart Movement, visit http://www.smartmovement.ca

Living in Slovenia


Let me tell you why after all these years living abroad, my family decided to come back to Slovenia and why I want to raise my daughters where I grew up.
Even though it was such a blessing to live and study in the USA, travel throughout Russia, most of the Europe and living a year in a Rome, I found that little pleasures are the ones that will make us be best versions of ourselves. As my father often said to me, “it is the people and good times that will make you feel the city and not buildings”. After extensive thinking and trying to count my blessings, I found that opening sink and pouring clear water in my glass while living in city centre and overlooking green trees out of my window is one of the biggest blessings. Did you know that Slovenia is first state in the European Union that has

a right for water in Slovenian constitution? Thus it means that every Slovenian has a right to access and use drinking water and it is preventing commercialisation of the water resources. My daughter now walks by herself to public school that offers extraordinary education and is there served two hot meals a day. Slovenian schools have nutritionist that put together monthly menu and then meals are cooked fresh every day in school kitchens. What a blessing , that Slovenian families know their kids are safe and fed heathy meals in their schools. Every major city in Slovenia has exceptional public transport, and marked bicycles routes, so when sun comes out, most of the people take bikes for traveling around the city. All these years in the USA, I missed bicycling so much. And I remember living in Indianapolis, I chose to walk to my University campus, since I lived near, i many times was lonely walking, since I barely saw any pedestrians. And walking places was my biggest wish while I lived in the USA. I missed walking.

These are just small pleasures besides living surrounded by my family and close friends. I will use this blog to help you first discover beauties of Slovenia and Slovenian products as well as give updates on interesting events going on in Slovenia. Blog will offer travelling suggestions for my favourite cities around the World, while writing about everyday challenges on different life topics. I invite you on board of this blog and lets have fun together!