Slovenia is one of the greenest country in the midst of Europe. Natural beauty, Slovenia offers incredible mist of a land that resides on sunny side of Alps, but has a Mediterranean coast. You can find underground caves, magical lakes with parks, ski slopes and coast in a country of two million habitants. Slovenia offers exceptional diversity, nature, cleanliness and warm hearted people. When in Slovenia, there are world wide attractions that shall be visited. If you haven’t heard of it yet, at Postojna cave it is a birthplace and residence of a human fish, the only kind of species in the World. And last year, they had very productive season, since few new human fishes were born. Postojna cave has been opened for more than 200 years and it hosted millions of visitors, offering unique experiencess. Besides Postojna cave, one of the biggest and world wide known attractions, is lake Bled. Lake Bled is proclaimed as sixth most magical attraction in the World. It is surrounded by beautiful Julian alps and its specialty is small island in the middle of the lake, where there is a small church form 17th century decorated with beautiful gothic fresque. You will need to walk 99 stone b, baroque style steps to arrive to the church of Assumption of Mary to ring the bell at least three times at the church tower that will bring you luck (by the legend). After boat ride to the small island and visiting the church, there is as well beautiful medieval castle , the oldest castle in Slovenia, built in renaissance arhitectual style overlooking lake Bled. You will be able to learn the legend through museum and afterwards enjoy a meal with breathtaking view to the beautiful lake Bled and its island. It is interesting as well to know that American first lady Melania Trump, chose Lake Bled as a destination where she first introduced her parents to her then partner and today husband Donald Trump. No wonders magic did its course at the Lake Bled, where Slovenian beauty showed all her power.

From Ljubljana to Lake Bled , Postojna cave , ski slopes of Kranjska Gora, rafting at  Soca, Slovenian coast and beautiful Piran, wine country of Brda and Prekmurje where you will be treated to best local food and wines, there is endless options for activities and unique expereinces. Slovenia has it all.
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