Not only Slovenia is a beautiful country with many natural beauties, it has an amazing position in Central Europe where by car you can visit many world wide known attractions and capital cities. As a new year resolution and with co-creating Betterlifestyle project, I decided I will travel more to near by places for short trips. And frist on my list was Venice, since it has been years since I walked the streets of Venice. Ljubljana is only two hours and a half drive from Venice. When you take road trip from Ljubljana to Venice, you have an option to stop at a nice outlet malls, to take a break, have the best italian cappucino, gelato or do some shopping for beautiful italian designs at a discounted prices.
Few weeks ago I asked Ana (Betterlifestyle partner and a friend) if she would join me on a trip to Venice, since I wished it to be my time off, and just fun. Of course Ana , who is at all times business oriented and a woman behind the scene (making me write blogs, take photos, and all the media activities for Betterlifestyle) wouldn’t let us do it without taping it. What I didn’t say on this video is that we both enjoyed our time off from small children, that we used this time to brainstorm on our future eneadvors and did much needed girl talk. Shopping in Noventi di Piave (Designer outlet mall just 20miles away from Venice) was a HIT with discounted prices being discounted again. This is how I scored beautiful Valentino shoes for just 210EUR, that I believe will wear even more knowing I didn’t spend fortune for them. I don’t know about you, but I see that I love wearing things that I bought on special deals. After big economic recession few years ago, i believe the whole world changed and so did my thinking on spending. I learned to wait for sales and never again to pay full prices for things I do not necesarilly need or absolutely love at the moment. Since I didn’t want to be the only one shopping, I convinced Ana to buy herself new Michael Kors purse, which was the spur of the moment,completly unplanned, but much needed. After this short shopping stop, we were in a hurry to arrive to the city of Venice, before storm that was on a horizont. Our plan was to be in Venice for dinner and explore it during nigttime, when streets are cooler and less crowded.We wanted to feel the Venice at nightime, so we reached Sain Mark square at midnight. Basilic San Mark and its square, which are the symbols of Venetian power and wealth were wahed by beautiful moonlight with all the byzantine and gothic glory. We enjoyed the peace for the moment and cocnluded the night feeling serednipity from beautiful arhitrcture and happy that we made it to Venice.

Short trip to Venice encouraged our team to offer it as a part of Betterlifestyle services for small groups that want to have different and unique experience, where we can organize car rental, shopping, sightseeing and wine tasting for weekend or two days getaways. For more contact us at

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