“Paris is always a good idea”
said Audrey Hepburn and she was right.

It has been a week since I returned from Paris trip for which my best friend inspired me by buying us plane tickets for my birthday. It took me the whole week to gather my thoughts, feelings and excitement and be able to sit down to write a post about my trip. I will not write about sightseeing in Paris, but about how much we need to travel in order to be reminded that life is not just about work but also about joy and adventure, learning new things and meeting new people. It is needed for personal growth and to get out of the comfort zone. I got so much into the routine that my best friend needed to pull me out of it and remind me that I do not need to always travel with my husband and kids, but that I as well needed to go away with my friend to nurture the crazy kid inside me. It has been few years since I was last in Paris with my friends and it is really short flight from Ljubljana. And of course a weekend before our long planned trip, and all plans, first my daughter got sick and then I got sick. I laid in bed for three days and thank god for my coolest doctor that felt my pain and just prescribed me over the phone medicine to get me out of the bed and ready to go. I was so determined I needed to get away , that I used my bed rest to make plans and book few of my favorite and some new restaurants that were suggested as currently best in Paris. I majored to book all the reservations for dinners and lunch and order Paris passes to have access to Paris best sights to be delivered to my house and we were all ready to travel. From all my past travels and visiting Paris, I knew exactly how I want to get organised to enjoy it as much as possible. I didn’t want to eat in restaurants that are visited by tourists but rather experience chic Parisian style places. Whenever going to visit some capital city or popular traveling destination, it is crucial to book your reservations for restaurants in advance in order to be able to taste the best local food and enjoy sights without waiting in long lines with large groups of tourists. Therefore, if you would like to have the best of Paris and someone to take care of your entire trip and book you through everything write me an email at nada.brezec@betterlifestyle.si and I will open all Paris doors for you and give you the best suggestions for your travel budget.

In my next blogs I will suggest you my new favourite Paris restaurants, what I believe are best sights for your short getaway and where it is best night life that I recommend to try whenever in Paris.


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