For the past two weeks I have been on a family vacations between Canada’s Oakville,that is suburban town part of the greater Toronto area and Blue Mountain Village, one of the favourite vacations spots or weekend destination for Canadians from Ontario area. It took me few visits to start liking Canda, because of my first experience ten years ago, when I moved to Toronto overnight due to my husbands work. At that time, when I moved with three year old daugther to follow my husband, i disliked Toronto so much, I remembered it only as a dark place with nothing to do, way too cold winters and wind that gave the coldest chills to my heart. Despite all the great stories I have heard about Toronto, being called canadian New York, offering great multicultural experience, amazing nature and kind people, I just didn’t like it.
Now years later when one of my best friends from Slovenia moved to Canada after marrying our family friend (by the way, I introduced her to her husband), I decided to give Toronto and Canada one more chance. I purposely came in winter time in March 2016 with my daugther and this time, with a great company of a friends to show me the beauty of Canada and canadian winter , we liked Toronto so much that we decided to come again for family vacations this summer. After a month on a hot Croatian beach, we were ready to experience the beauty of multicultural Toronto, beauty of Niagara Falls, and beautiful green nature of Blue Mountain overlooking stunning Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.
It amazes me how impressions of countries are completely determined by the state of mind we are at the time; experiences and feelings determine wheter we will like it or not. When I asked my friend to compare a life as a Canadian to Slovenian, we both agreed that the countries are similar in natural beauties. Both have amazing lakes, hiking spots, cities that offer variety of food experiences and things to do, from Festivals, to shows, Slovenia and Canada both being also child friendly. Of course Canada, has everything in bigger dimensions as well more cultural, dinning and overall options, but on the other side wider roads with crazy traffic, which requries longer traveling time to get anywhere. And what suprised me is that now a year later many more Canadians know where Slovenia is and I am wondering if that has something to do with American First Lady that comes from beautiful Slovenia.
In my next blog, I will write you what we loved most on our vacations in Canada and what I recommend to visit when in Toronto area. Stay tuned….


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