When I travel with family and my children, I tend to explore what best suits their age and how to maximize their learning experience when visiting another country. My oldest daugther usually needs to read a book about it and after discussion of what she has learned, we decide what she would like to see and experience. And since this was third traveling together with Nika to Canada and frist one with Eva, who is only three years old, we needed to compromise on what suits them both and at the same time try to have some quality adult time with my husband and our friends.
On our fisrt mom and daugther trip (March 2016), me and Nika alongside with Spela and Zoltan (my best friend and her son, now both living in Canada) decided that we will visit first visit the worldwide known waterfalls on Niagara river that marks the border between United States and Canada. We first stopped at Great Wolf Lodge (www.greatwolf.com),  an adventure water park resort nearby Niagara Falls, where children can enjoy mighty indoor water park consisting of water slides, thrill rides, splash and fun and even a spa treatement room with full service for little ladies. Everything in this resort is completely fitted for children joy and happiness. To be honest I had to prepare myself mentally for it, since I despise big crowds and getting into same water with bunch of strangers,as much as I dislike crowded lobbies and restaurants. Of course kids loved it and since they got their joyful experience of “wolfs” features and slides, me and Spela vowed we won’t step our foot into this resort again. What I loved about this trip is that after sleeping with “wolfs”, we got into crazy spirit. When I saw helicopter stand from our hotel room window and outloud dreamed of hopping on it , Spela, despite her flying fobia decided to join me in this crazy adventure of exploring Niagara Falls from air. This was my far best and favourite experience I have had in Canada. The magnificent Niagara Falls views from the air were exceptional. This si something I recommend and I would do it in a heartbeat again. For more fun at Niagara, there is beautiful and very interesting Ripley , Believe it or Not! Museum (www.ripley.com) that we visited this August and even my three year old enjoyed it. Ripley museum holds an incredible collections of weird and interesting things from all over the World, with an illussion department of museum as well. And for more kids fun at Niagara, you can take the boat tour to see the falls close up, or visit one of the Haunted houses,  eat in most of the world wide known franchise restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe(www.hardrock.com) or Rainforest Cafe,restaurant that recreates Amazon rainforest, making simulation of the sights and sounds of animals and thunderstorms of a jungle (www.therainforest.com.) When leaving Niagara and beautiful falls, Spela and I both agreed that in few days we are visiting Niagara without children (leaving them at the care of their fathers for a day), and that we just want some girls fun. We went to Fashion Outlets of Niagarra Falls (www.fashionoutletsniagara.com) and experienced great shopping at discounted prices and afterwards enjoyed delicious lunch at the Aroma Cafe (www.aroma.ca) Since we didn’t make it to one of the wineries that you can find in small villages on the way to the Niagara, we woed that we will bring our husbands on a weekend at Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery (www.gretzkyestateswines.com), next time. Thus, for a teaser we bought couple of botlles of wine to take on a weekend getaway at our friends weekend house at a village nearby the Blue Mountain.
On beautiful Blue Mountain Village, what I recommend there and our family weekend getaway at a year round mountain and hiking destination, overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay and Lake Huron I will write in my next blog.

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