Exploring Canada continued from Niagara Falls to Blue Mountain Village, where our friends own their vacation home. What amazed me about this beautiful village overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay and Lake Huron is the good vibes it spreads that instantly make you feel alive, ready to hike or dance at their beautiful square in the middle of the village.  As we were walking the streets, Elvis Presly festival was going on, and I was all of a sudden surrounded by many Elvises’ and people dancing at the melodies of never forgotten Elvis music and legacy. The positivity of people and fresh air made me realize that what is coming in this weekend will be full of positive vibes and good energy. And it really was. Activities that we were taking on this weekend included hiking beuatiful hills and forrest, going to swim at their swimming pool full of fun gadgets for children which made my daugther proclaim that this is best swimming pool in her life and dipping into lake Huron and riding with kids on a roller coaster. And this was only few things that we managed to do in our weekend getaway since there are never ending fun activities that won’t let you be bored in Blue Mountain. Local restaurants are amazing and won’t leave you disapointed, but make sure to make reservations in advance since this is the most popular winter and summer getaway for Ontario habitants. . There is even shopping that can be done and you won’t come home just full of sweet memories but as well with beautiful local hand made souvenirs.

I am attaching link where you can find all the activities, events, shops and restaurants in Blue Mountain https://www.bluemountain.ca/things-to-do

For any additional info, recommendations or reservations write us at info@betterlifestyle.si



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