My first visit to plastic surgeon happened eleven years ago when I was living in Charlotte. I was sent there by my family doctor for removal of few moles and he suggested that it shall be done by plastic surgeon for minimal scars and best outcome. Since then I have been back and forth about thinking of the pros and cons of plastic surgery and if or when to start with non invasive minimal procedures. With explosion of the products and media pressure to look beautiful by standards that are changing from season to season , the question is what shall be used for one to feel good or the way they want and not to over do it. Since my first visit to plastic surgery I have done chemical peels, but never tried botox. I never considered it, because I am too scared of needles, all side effects and possible bad outcomes.My opinion is that when I will want or need rejuvenating procedure, I would opt for brow or facial lift. I as well know if I will go for any procedure I would want to look as natural as possible, to say it as “no one can figure out” what I did it thing. I have seen to many women that at one point overdid botox it and it looked ridiculous, like a poker face…. So ten years later I again entered plastic surgery office in Ljubljana. This time I am approaching my forties, after two big babies and exhausting pregnancies, sleepless nights, I started thinking what shall keep me looking the way I want and feel, young, lively and ten years younger than my biological number. I asked my friend for doctor recommendation, that did her breast augmentation at this office few months ago and these were far the best looking breasts: just the right size and feel natural pair of breast. I found, you could say, fairly unknown doctor,Peter Zorman, that impressed me by his conservative approach, where you could feel that he is first and foremost a doctor, one that loves medicine and is not looking just for the profit that plastic surgery brings. In our conversation I realised he is not interested in being commercialised and that he wants to build his reputation with highly professional work and satisfied clients that will recommend him by word of mouth. He took time to listen and answer all my questions and even refused to do a procedure I wanted. He said I didn’t need it. Maybe in ten years, he added. Then curious as I am, I wanted to look into breast augmentation, since I am back and forth with my decision if I want to do it or not. Every summer on the beach I decide I want fuller, perfect size and shape breast and then by winter I chicken out when in my pullover I decide that I am too afraid of the surgery and painful recovery (even though all my friends who did it said that the outcome they have is worth the pain). When I looked for him to inspire me to do it, he replied that this is not what he is doing and that I need to come completely certain that I want this, not to expect from him to try to convince me to do it. Again, I didn’t decide to do it, realising this is not for me at this time. Maybe later in life.
I realised that when considering and deciding about aesthetic surgery it is very important to make the right decision who will you choose as your plastic surgeon, because you are trusting this person with your health. I believe that plastic surgery shall be used for what it was created for, to help people to recover from injuries, to change something that influence ones everyday quality of life and that looking the way you want can definitely help with someone confidence, but there should be limits. The desire for perfection should not become someone obsession. And this is how we decided our Better-lifestyle partner Zvezdana, who is in her late forties will take botox and we can see and show the procedure and how it is administered. I realised that botox shall be administered only by educated and experienced plastic surgeon if you want to reach best outcome. ….if you are considering any form of aesthetic procedure Better-lifestyle team recommends Plasticna kirurgija Zorman. For more information visit

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