My favourite Parisian restaurants

French cuisine has been admired all over the World and I am no exception. Delicious food and exploring local cusine is essential part of the trip, since it is a great way to learn about countrys culutre and customs. We do use all five senses when we eat and that is why exploring new cuisine will enhance our traveling ecperience and build stronger memories.
I will present you a list of my favourite Paris restataurants (I didn’t include Michelin star restaurants) , that I believe you should try and that still affordable but offers exceptional food and experience.

My favorite restaurant in Paris is still at Hotel Costes. I love this restaurant not only form memories it brings to me and not only because it has beuatiful terrace and beautiful interior, but because of its exceptional food and because here you can see beautifully dressed people and get the real Parisian vibe. If you re not up for eating, I recommend it at least for aperitif, before starting your night out, because here you will experience the real french cocktail hour where people come to be seen and have fun. If you decide to stay for dinner, I recommend trying Escargotes Extraordinaires for apetizer and spicy lobster pasta for entree. Don’t forget to finish your meaal with exceptional Pavlova Fruits Rouges cake.

Chez Julien is a chic French Bistro where you can enjoy cozy atmosphere over candle lights and beautiful interior. I recommend trying duck foie gras with truffles and truffle risotto. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy sitting outside overlooking Ile Saint Louise. this restaurant is registered as Historical Monument.

Le Relais de L’Entrecote is a must try in Paris. It is known by their stake in a special “no one knows how to make it…a big secret” sauce and french fries. It basically offers only that as a main course, but it is delicious. It is fun place to go with kids as well. Great food with freat experience.

Manko Paris is an amazing place to go out and even though it is not serving French cuisine, I recommend to try it if you’re up for a fun night. Here you can find everything at one spot: delicious Peruvian food, see the cabarete and enjoy drinks in a lounge with a beautiful bar, where you can enjoy experimanting with crazy cocktails.. A must when you are in Paris with friends, significant other or just a single person trying to meet new people and have fun.

L’Avenue iss known as a spot where you go to be seen and sit in a restaurant with world famous celebrities. This is where Beyoncee, Kim Kardashian, Rihana and others eat while they are in Paris. Their tuna tartare is exceptional.

La Duree is the chicest and world wide know French bakery eastblished in 1862. They offer delicious light salads, omlettes or sandwiches, coffee or mimosa, but what they are most known for, are their premier macroons. The alternative to La Duree would be PAUL bakery, owned by same company, but I personally prefer La Duree.

Victoria Paris is a restaurant connected to the night club L’Arc. Victoria is a chic and hype restaurant with cozy velevet chairs and beautiful interior overlooking L’Arc the triomphe and amazing mediterranian menue. I ordered hummus for apetizer and veal steak for entre and it was delicious. If you prefere fish there is as well many sea food options. After midnight the restaurant turns into lounge and if you want to hit the dance floor you can go downsatirs to L’arc club, Paris ultimate hotspot. and



In one of my previous posts I was writing about all the advantages that come whit regular exercise, but I didn’t mention that once you start exercising and discovering your body all over again, you can encounter some uploaded physical pain.
This fall I organised group of Friends for a cross training class, because I wanted to add more diversity into my workout routine that consisted mostly of pilates.After few workout sessions, one of my friends got back pain problems, that were not just physical pain, but also all the emotional pain and upload she was uploading for past two years and maybe even longer. She needed to stop herself for few weeks and get into physical therapy to restart her body as well as her emotions and position herself all over again. And as we were debating over the coffee, we were discovering that too many people are encountering same problems and most of it were low back pain or spine problems, heavy headaches and neck pain. We concluded that it all comes from constant rushing and too stressful lifestyle, not taking enough time to recharge and take care of your body and mind and make necessary life style changes. As my friend entered physical therapy, I started to research how it could benefit one, even before the pain and problems occur. If it should be part of my routine or just taking care of myself before I get any pain or physical problems, since I am the type of personality that very badly tolerates any uncomfort or pain in my body. What I learned is that physical therapy doesn’t only need to be a cure, but it has positive influence as well as a prevention of or elimination of any pain and discomfort, as an improvement of mobility and balance, as an avoidance of surgery and even if you need surgery it helps you prepare better for it….and that is why it is important to visit physiotherapist right away when you feel any discomfort, because it is essential to work on your pain as soon as possible, to try to prevent any serious injuries.
I decided I will go with my friend at one of her sessions and test it out myself, to see what it is all about. I got examined and decided I will give it a try for few sessions, because after two pregnancies and carrying my three year odl daugther a lot, I decided I need to relieve my tensions that uploaded on my neck and treat myself to few preventive therapies. As of my friend, she regularly visited physiotherapy for few weeks and when therapist gave her permission to go back to working out, she returned to our group. Now after few months, I can confirm she is not only looking better than ever and is in great shape, she is in better emotional state. Thus from personal expreience I can confirm how a good physical threaphy and right manual therapist approcah can benefit your daily lifestyle. Combined with regular excersise routine it can help burnout prevention and overall more happiness and satisfaction to your daily life.

If you decide you want to examine yourself or if you have any pain,  Betterlifestyle team  recommends top therapist Izidor Ivanovic from Corpus physiotherapy. You can check him out at

Miotto, best kept secret in furniture industry

I have to admit that I visited Miotto show room with my architect when I was renovating one of my apartments, but it never occurred to me that Miotto is a furniture brand developed and founded in Slovenia. It is collaboration of a Slovenian co-founder Vasja Srebrnic and Harvey Norman (Australian furniture retailer). Since it has such an international name, I assumed it is an Italian brand. Until few days ago when I met with Miotto co-founder and co-owner and he told me story about as they call it “best kept secret in furniture business”. Miotto embodies all current trends in interior design and offers complete living concept. What I really liked it that furniture design doesn’t compromise in texture, that are rich and sophisticated and of highest quality but at completely affordable price. I have been into interior design for past few years, since I have bought and resold few apartments and as well built a house with my spouse. So for few years now I have been getting to know and have experience with different furniture brands. Therefore, when I entered Miotto showroom I was right away taken away with beautiful textures and fabrics of their chairs and sofas and a big beautiful bed at the middle of the show room. I have learned that just recently Miotto designed luxury royal sleeping program that offers the luxury of a five and more stars hotels and it is affordable to general public. They as well distribute and deliver furniture all over the Europe to Latin America, Australia and Asia.




Women’s Day shall be Every Day

     International Women’s Day, celebrated today on March 8th, dates back into 1909 when there was first Women’s Observation Day meeting held in New York City. It continued with march on Trafalgar Square in London in 1914 and all the way to 1917, when women workers in textile industry in Russia started demonstrating which later led to Russian Revolution and gaining right for women to vote.
International Women’s Day celebrates economic, social, political and cultural achievements and rights of women. This day marks our call for celebration gender parity. But do we really have gender parity and even more important would be to ask if we want gender parity? Lately I am thinking what did we gain with trying to be equal to men? Did we gain equal pay and recognition for our work or achievements or we took on more work and responsibility from our men? When I look into as we call it “modern women” trend these days, I see way too many single working mothers, struggling to provide for their children, with no or minimal help from fathers who do not take responsibilities for their offspring. Men left us to take care of their responsibilities, but do not recognise us as equal. As we open magazines, look into book stores and new books, when we listen to radio or watch TV, most of it target advices for women on how to be better in what we do, how to work more, be successful, try to please more, be better mothers, better wives, better looking and better physical shape. And I am asking myself why we as woman go for it. Who do we try to please and why do we thrive to constantly improve in every aspect of our lives. I believe that somewhere in this journey to be recognised as equal to men, women lost respect for themselves. We forgot how to be women, authentic, gentle, vulnerable, romantic and feminine. We do not need to fit into pant suits, become women presidents and forget how to cry to be respected.We cannot be same as men, because we have other powers than men. We need to hold on to our women energy, to our ability for reproduction, our ability to teach our daughters how to love and respect themselves and our sons, that woman’s worth shall be cherished and treasured. Because only men who know woman’s worth will be real men. Changes starts within families, to be later taken to society level. I have many friends that are divorced and get no child support from fathers of their children and I am wondering how is it possible that one man can’t or won’t take equal responsibility. And I have a friend that was asked by Slovenian judge (woman judge) why she wants to press charges over her partner that tried to suffocate her, because it happened only once. That it was first time, woman judge said. Then I know women who willingly accept a role of other woman, mistress. And then I start wondering if we as women have respect for ourselves and each-other? When we do not respect each-other, how can we expect to be respected by men.
So that is why I wanted for us to rethink what is the Women’s Day celebration or what do we want everyday? What do we want for us women in the future? Do we want to be loved and happy, respected and admired for what we are or do we want to have equal number of women in politics, high profile positions with equal salaries and social economic status? Do we want men to take equal responsibilities for relationships, their children and happy families? We need to be aware that with teaching our children, we have power to make changes; to teach our children that woman has equal right to be treated with love and respect every day, not only on women’s day. And we will never be equal to men, because we are women and they are men and we cannot be same.

What you need, BetterLifestyle team gets it done

I stopped counting how many times I moved, after my ninth moving. To make my life easier, I started looking at movings as a way of jet-setting. It is all in how we perceive things and see it. The glass can be half empty or half full. I decided long time ago, I will live easier if I pour champagne in my glass. So movings can get easier if you decide so. And I would say that first and most important thing is to learn that it is ok if you ask for help. Hire help if you can and let the professionals do the work for you. Educate yourself before going to a new place about local options regarding best schools, best neighbourhood to live in, health care option, banking option and afterwards you will want to know best places to dine, entertain kids, work out and free time options. If you are relocating to Slovenia, you will find all this services at You can hire personal assistant to take care of all the listed above. Tell BetterLifesyle team what you need and consider it done.


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Pilates is my passion.

I was introduced to Pilates 13 years ago while I was living in Indianapolis.  Since then pilates has been my favorite work out routine. Not only did I train at pilates studios, but I also made many friendship through my workouts. One of those is my long time friendship with Spela Perc (I will write separate blog on how I introduced her to her husband:). From our client-instructor relationship, we became friends and later business partners.

I am  the co-founder of Smart Movement and this is the second project that me and Spela Perc have partnered on.

Smart Movement is a unique and innovative personal training, a functional and healthy workout, which tones the body in a natural way.

We offer workshops that present a unique concept of training and relaxation specifically developed for the issues employees and employers are facing in today’s corporate world. We bring a fresh and practical approach that will work for each person in your organization and help them understand the connection between a healthy mind and body and their performance and work habits. It also helps them create healthy habits to ensure they are performing at the optimal level.

For more about Smart Movement, visit

Living in Slovenia


Let me tell you why after all these years living abroad, my family decided to come back to Slovenia and why I want to raise my daughters where I grew up.
Even though it was such a blessing to live and study in the USA, travel throughout Russia, most of the Europe and living a year in a Rome, I found that little pleasures are the ones that will make us be best versions of ourselves. As my father often said to me, “it is the people and good times that will make you feel the city and not buildings”. After extensive thinking and trying to count my blessings, I found that opening sink and pouring clear water in my glass while living in city centre and overlooking green trees out of my window is one of the biggest blessings. Did you know that Slovenia is first state in the European Union that has

a right for water in Slovenian constitution? Thus it means that every Slovenian has a right to access and use drinking water and it is preventing commercialisation of the water resources. My daughter now walks by herself to public school that offers extraordinary education and is there served two hot meals a day. Slovenian schools have nutritionist that put together monthly menu and then meals are cooked fresh every day in school kitchens. What a blessing , that Slovenian families know their kids are safe and fed heathy meals in their schools. Every major city in Slovenia has exceptional public transport, and marked bicycles routes, so when sun comes out, most of the people take bikes for traveling around the city. All these years in the USA, I missed bicycling so much. And I remember living in Indianapolis, I chose to walk to my University campus, since I lived near, i many times was lonely walking, since I barely saw any pedestrians. And walking places was my biggest wish while I lived in the USA. I missed walking.

These are just small pleasures besides living surrounded by my family and close friends. I will use this blog to help you first discover beauties of Slovenia and Slovenian products as well as give updates on interesting events going on in Slovenia. Blog will offer travelling suggestions for my favourite cities around the World, while writing about everyday challenges on different life topics. I invite you on board of this blog and lets have fun together!

Back Home To My Real Self

It has been long time since I am seriously thinking about my self and where I am headed in life. For the past 15 years I have been sitting behind the bench. As a reserve player. As a “wife of professional athlete”.  Like that is all that defines me.

While being a wife of professional is in the USA (where I lived for 10years) perceived as a success, because people see it as mutual success , in Slovenia being a wife of professional athlete means you married his money and you do nothing. I might be wrong, but this is how I have been treated by people who do not personally know me, for many years. I even had to forbid to some friends to represent me to new people as a wife of… While being a proud wife to my amazing husband (do not get me wrong, I love being married), I am as well mother of two beautiful girls and my sweet dog. I am as well just a woman with every issue one woman can have, a friend, a sister, an aunt and a daughter to parents in a divorced and complicated relationship. So while I was trying to please others and be perceived as perfect (since I am perfectionist), I lost part of me. Part of my soul and who I dreamt as a young girl I will become. I did everything right, went to college, excelled it, finished MBA, got married, had kids, built a house, bought and sold a company, working out and staying fit, but I lost a part of me that is creative, that makes you alive and makes your soul sing. So last year I started school of Astrology, since that was always one of my passions and for so long I was considering it, that basically my best friend had to make me subscribe for classes, since I decided that I am done with school. Now they all get free updates on astrology over dinners, so I see why they wanted me in astrology classes 😉 . Another great friend inspired me to start this blog, since she taught I could be an inspiration to other women with real life topics that we discussed over our coffee. Then  past fall I got a visit from friend , that started and I accepted her proposal to include my blog under her web page.I could say that puzzles are coming together at just the right time. Nothing in life can be pushed. Everything has its own timing.

I decided this blog will be about everyday topics and everyday challenges we all face. I won’t talk about what should be, but about what it is. I will tell you about my experiences living in different countries and different cultures and guide you about treasures of Slovenia and Europe.