Astrology forecast for week 4.11.- 11.11.2019

We are entering a week that will be great for business ventures, since the Moon is in its growing phase, which brings us progress in our endeavours and prosperity.

If we may encounter some difficulties at the beginning od this week, we can look forward to much better following at the end of this week. We will feel Mercury retrograde, which is going through Scorpio sign, bringing strong intuition that will gives us opportunities and second chances to make things right. If we didn’t succeed for the first time, Mercury retrograde is offering us second chances. This is especially influencing everyone who has Mercury retrograde in their natal chart. This weak Mercury retrograde is forming sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing us  risky business investments , that can turn out being successful. In times of Mercury retrograde don’t start new projects ,don’t sign new contracts, be careful when signing important documents and making travel plans. This is not the right time to buy any new home appliances or cars, because they won’t serve you well due to Mercury retrograde. Venus is this week traveling through fiery Sagittarius which brings us good business opportunities abroad or good communications with foreigners. At this time we as well have good chances that our friendships turn into love affairs and we will encounter more social gatherings and fun times.

Today, on Monday, there is first Moon Quarter, which brings crisis in partnerships, thus try to avoid fights and feisty discussions. On Tuesday we will encounter great influence of Mars and Pluto square, which brings inner tensions, stressful energy and chances of mass violence. Be mindful, especially when driving vehicles. At least we can thank to the moon in Aquarius , which brings more social life, love for freedom, wellbeing and will force us to be more tolerate towards any outbursts, bad moods and unusual situations.

On Wednesday Moon will go from Aquarius to sensitive Pieces which will bring the need for understanding others, more daydreaming, sentimentality and need to please others. On Thursday Moon will form all the nice aspects with other planets, giving us a great chance to manage all our affairs, finish projects and settle long waited issues.  Mercury is standing on Fixed star  Agena on 23º Scorpio 34′ from Centaurus constellation which is emphasising friendships and strong bond with finances and important people. All this will be forced by Mercury retrograde and your strong intuition. We will make sure that all our papers are well inspected at this time, so we can organise and arrange them. We can get surprised by unexpected financial gain that was long awaited.

On Friday Sun in Scorpio will form all the positive aspects with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which brings us accepting our responsibilities with help of our strong intuition and expanding our creativity.

Mars is in Libra, which means our sides can easily turn and change our minds often. Mars in in conjunction with two important Fixed stars  Spike on 23º Libra 50′ and Arcturus on 24º Libra 14′ which brings us feelings of personal powers, success and reputation. At the end of the week Moon will change signs and go from sensitive Pieces to fiery Aries, which brings us the power and determination to fight for what we want and believe in.   We will be overwhelmed by feeling that we need to finish up everything planned and thus we will act impatient and determined. This feeling will be as well forced by sextile between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pieces, giving us feeling that perseverance and faith will ensure success.

Venus, planet of Love

I will first write about Venus, planet of Love and pleasure. We all know Venus as a Godess of Love, but as a planet, Venus has a feminine energy that rules our values, sentiments and tell us about pleasures we encounter and the degree of beauty, grace and charm we hold. It is a ruler of Libra and Taurus and it has harmonious energy. Venus rules to the 7th house of partnership and 2nd house of finances. It is never too far from the Sun in one chart ad it takes 225days to complete the whole zodiac circle.

Friday is a Venerian day and since Venus is ruler of relationships, it has power to keep your relationship harmonious. It is a day fro glamour, parties , your senses bein awakened and your love goals heard.


Astrology has been my secret interest and passion since I was a twelfe year old, bored girl on a family visit who found a book about astrology at her aunts book shelve. Since I have read this book, I have started to think about effects of the planets, zodiac signs and meaning of our dreams. And since my poarents didn’t support this interest, I secretly read what I could find in a library. Then I forgot about it for many years being busy with college study until some life events triggered me to go back to discovering higher meaning of life, our purpose, and what leads us into different situations.
When I first asked for my natal chart to be done, I was amazed in how many peronality traits and life evens could be discovered by one only looking into plantes positions at my birth. It led me into more research, since I am the type of personality who likes to have all the possible information on abstracts that interest me. This is how I started to attend Stella Academy in Ljubljana to learn more about language of zodiac, movements of planets as a mean for divining information and events that one experienced.
In this section of my blog I will write about what I have learned on astrology and about current effects of planets in general which could one apply into their own life events or state of being. Stay tuned and you will read about power of planets on our life and how to best use current energy for your own benefit.