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Venus, planet of Love

I will first write about Venus, planet of Love and pleasure. We all know Venus as a Godess of Love, but as a planet, Venus has a feminine energy that rules our values, sentiments and tell us about pleasures we encounter and the degree of beauty, grace and charm we hold. It is a ruler of Libra and Taurus and it has harmonious energy. Venus rules to the 7th house of partnership and 2nd house of finances. It is never too far from the Sun in one chart ad it takes 225days to complete the whole zodiac circle.

Friday is a Venerian day and since Venus is ruler of relationships, it has power to keep your relationship harmonious. It is a day fro glamour, parties , your senses bein awakened and your love goals heard.


Astrology has been my secret interest and passion since I was a twelfe year old, bored girl on a family visit who found a book about astrology at her aunts book shelve. Since I have read this book, I have started to think about effects of the planets, zodiac signs and meaning of our dreams. And since my poarents didn’t support this interest, I secretly read what I could find in a library. Then I forgot about it for many years being busy with college study until some life events triggered me to go back to discovering higher meaning of life, our purpose, and what leads us into different situations.
When I first asked for my natal chart to be done, I was amazed in how many peronality traits and life evens could be discovered by one only looking into plantes positions at my birth. It led me into more research, since I am the type of personality who likes to have all the possible information on abstracts that interest me. This is how I started to attend Stella Academy in Ljubljana to learn more about language of zodiac, movements of planets as a mean for divining information and events that one experienced.
In this section of my blog I will write about what I have learned on astrology and about current effects of planets in general which could one apply into their own life events or state of being. Stay tuned and you will read about power of planets on our life and how to best use current energy for your own benefit.

Flirting with anti ageing procedures

My first visit to plastic surgeon happened eleven years ago when I was living in Charlotte. I was sent there by my family doctor for removal of few moles and he suggested that it shall be done by plastic surgeon for minimal scars and best outcome. Since then I have been back and forth about thinking of the pros and cons of plastic surgery and if or when to start with non invasive minimal procedures. With explosion of the products and media pressure to look beautiful by standards that are changing from season to season , the question is what shall be used for one to feel good or the way they want and not to over do it. Since my first visit to plastic surgery I have done chemical peels, but never tried botox. I never considered it, because I am too scared of needles, all side effects and possible bad outcomes.My opinion is that when I will want or need rejuvenating procedure, I would opt for brow or facial lift. I as well know if I will go for any procedure I would want to look as natural as possible, to say it as “no one can figure out” what I did it thing. I have seen to many women that at one point overdid botox it and it looked ridiculous, like a poker face…. So ten years later I again entered plastic surgery office in Ljubljana. This time I am approaching my forties, after two big babies and exhausting pregnancies, sleepless nights, I started thinking what shall keep me looking the way I want and feel, young, lively and ten years younger than my biological number. I asked my friend for doctor recommendation, that did her breast augmentation at this office few months ago and these were far the best looking breasts: just the right size and feel natural pair of breast. I found, you could say, fairly unknown doctor,Peter Zorman, that impressed me by his conservative approach, where you could feel that he is first and foremost a doctor, one that loves medicine and is not looking just for the profit that plastic surgery brings. In our conversation I realised he is not interested in being commercialised and that he wants to build his reputation with highly professional work and satisfied clients that will recommend him by word of mouth. He took time to listen and answer all my questions and even refused to do a procedure I wanted. He said I didn’t need it. Maybe in ten years, he added. Then curious as I am, I wanted to look into breast augmentation, since I am back and forth with my decision if I want to do it or not. Every summer on the beach I decide I want fuller, perfect size and shape breast and then by winter I chicken out when in my pullover I decide that I am too afraid of the surgery and painful recovery (even though all my friends who did it said that the outcome they have is worth the pain). When I looked for him to inspire me to do it, he replied that this is not what he is doing and that I need to come completely certain that I want this, not to expect from him to try to convince me to do it. Again, I didn’t decide to do it, realising this is not for me at this time. Maybe later in life.
I realised that when considering and deciding about aesthetic surgery it is very important to make the right decision who will you choose as your plastic surgeon, because you are trusting this person with your health. I believe that plastic surgery shall be used for what it was created for, to help people to recover from injuries, to change something that influence ones everyday quality of life and that looking the way you want can definitely help with someone confidence, but there should be limits. The desire for perfection should not become someone obsession. And this is how we decided our Better-lifestyle partner Zvezdana, who is in her late forties will take botox and we can see and show the procedure and how it is administered. I realised that botox shall be administered only by educated and experienced plastic surgeon if you want to reach best outcome. ….if you are considering any form of aesthetic procedure Better-lifestyle team recommends Plasticna kirurgija Zorman. For more information visit

Paris is always a good idea

“Paris is always a good idea”
said Audrey Hepburn and she was right.

It has been a week since I returned from Paris trip for which my best friend inspired me by buying us plane tickets for my birthday. It took me the whole week to gather my thoughts, feelings and excitement and be able to sit down to write a post about my trip. I will not write about sightseeing in Paris, but about how much we need to travel in order to be reminded that life is not just about work but also about joy and adventure, learning new things and meeting new people. It is needed for personal growth and to get out of the comfort zone. I got so much into the routine that my best friend needed to pull me out of it and remind me that I do not need to always travel with my husband and kids, but that I as well needed to go away with my friend to nurture the crazy kid inside me. It has been few years since I was last in Paris with my friends and it is really short flight from Ljubljana. And of course a weekend before our long planned trip, and all plans, first my daughter got sick and then I got sick. I laid in bed for three days and thank god for my coolest doctor that felt my pain and just prescribed me over the phone medicine to get me out of the bed and ready to go. I was so determined I needed to get away , that I used my bed rest to make plans and book few of my favorite and some new restaurants that were suggested as currently best in Paris. I majored to book all the reservations for dinners and lunch and order Paris passes to have access to Paris best sights to be delivered to my house and we were all ready to travel. From all my past travels and visiting Paris, I knew exactly how I want to get organised to enjoy it as much as possible. I didn’t want to eat in restaurants that are visited by tourists but rather experience chic Parisian style places. Whenever going to visit some capital city or popular traveling destination, it is crucial to book your reservations for restaurants in advance in order to be able to taste the best local food and enjoy sights without waiting in long lines with large groups of tourists. Therefore, if you would like to have the best of Paris and someone to take care of your entire trip and book you through everything write me an email at and I will open all Paris doors for you and give you the best suggestions for your travel budget.

In my next blogs I will suggest you my new favourite Paris restaurants, what I believe are best sights for your short getaway and where it is best night life that I recommend to try whenever in Paris.


My favourite Parisian restaurants

French cuisine has been admired all over the World and I am no exception. Delicious food and exploring local cusine is essential part of the trip, since it is a great way to learn about countrys culutre and customs. We do use all five senses when we eat and that is why exploring new cuisine will enhance our traveling ecperience and build stronger memories.
I will present you a list of my favourite Paris restataurants (I didn’t include Michelin star restaurants) , that I believe you should try and that still affordable but offers exceptional food and experience.

My favorite restaurant in Paris is still at Hotel Costes. I love this restaurant not only form memories it brings to me and not only because it has beuatiful terrace and beautiful interior, but because of its exceptional food and because here you can see beautifully dressed people and get the real Parisian vibe. If you re not up for eating, I recommend it at least for aperitif, before starting your night out, because here you will experience the real french cocktail hour where people come to be seen and have fun. If you decide to stay for dinner, I recommend trying Escargotes Extraordinaires for apetizer and spicy lobster pasta for entree. Don’t forget to finish your meaal with exceptional Pavlova Fruits Rouges cake.

Chez Julien is a chic French Bistro where you can enjoy cozy atmosphere over candle lights and beautiful interior. I recommend trying duck foie gras with truffles and truffle risotto. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy sitting outside overlooking Ile Saint Louise. this restaurant is registered as Historical Monument.

Le Relais de L’Entrecote is a must try in Paris. It is known by their stake in a special “no one knows how to make it…a big secret” sauce and french fries. It basically offers only that as a main course, but it is delicious. It is fun place to go with kids as well. Great food with freat experience.

Manko Paris is an amazing place to go out and even though it is not serving French cuisine, I recommend to try it if you’re up for a fun night. Here you can find everything at one spot: delicious Peruvian food, see the cabarete and enjoy drinks in a lounge with a beautiful bar, where you can enjoy experimanting with crazy cocktails.. A must when you are in Paris with friends, significant other or just a single person trying to meet new people and have fun.

L’Avenue iss known as a spot where you go to be seen and sit in a restaurant with world famous celebrities. This is where Beyoncee, Kim Kardashian, Rihana and others eat while they are in Paris. Their tuna tartare is exceptional.

La Duree is the chicest and world wide know French bakery eastblished in 1862. They offer delicious light salads, omlettes or sandwiches, coffee or mimosa, but what they are most known for, are their premier macroons. The alternative to La Duree would be PAUL bakery, owned by same company, but I personally prefer La Duree.

Victoria Paris is a restaurant connected to the night club L’Arc. Victoria is a chic and hype restaurant with cozy velevet chairs and beautiful interior overlooking L’Arc the triomphe and amazing mediterranian menue. I ordered hummus for apetizer and veal steak for entre and it was delicious. If you prefere fish there is as well many sea food options. After midnight the restaurant turns into lounge and if you want to hit the dance floor you can go downsatirs to L’arc club, Paris ultimate hotspot. and



In one of my previous posts I was writing about all the advantages that come whit regular exercise, but I didn’t mention that once you start exercising and discovering your body all over again, you can encounter some uploaded physical pain.
This fall I organised group of Friends for a cross training class, because I wanted to add more diversity into my workout routine that consisted mostly of pilates.After few workout sessions, one of my friends got back pain problems, that were not just physical pain, but also all the emotional pain and upload she was uploading for past two years and maybe even longer. She needed to stop herself for few weeks and get into physical therapy to restart her body as well as her emotions and position herself all over again. And as we were debating over the coffee, we were discovering that too many people are encountering same problems and most of it were low back pain or spine problems, heavy headaches and neck pain. We concluded that it all comes from constant rushing and too stressful lifestyle, not taking enough time to recharge and take care of your body and mind and make necessary life style changes. As my friend entered physical therapy, I started to research how it could benefit one, even before the pain and problems occur. If it should be part of my routine or just taking care of myself before I get any pain or physical problems, since I am the type of personality that very badly tolerates any uncomfort or pain in my body. What I learned is that physical therapy doesn’t only need to be a cure, but it has positive influence as well as a prevention of or elimination of any pain and discomfort, as an improvement of mobility and balance, as an avoidance of surgery and even if you need surgery it helps you prepare better for it….and that is why it is important to visit physiotherapist right away when you feel any discomfort, because it is essential to work on your pain as soon as possible, to try to prevent any serious injuries.
I decided I will go with my friend at one of her sessions and test it out myself, to see what it is all about. I got examined and decided I will give it a try for few sessions, because after two pregnancies and carrying my three year odl daugther a lot, I decided I need to relieve my tensions that uploaded on my neck and treat myself to few preventive therapies. As of my friend, she regularly visited physiotherapy for few weeks and when therapist gave her permission to go back to working out, she returned to our group. Now after few months, I can confirm she is not only looking better than ever and is in great shape, she is in better emotional state. Thus from personal expreience I can confirm how a good physical threaphy and right manual therapist approcah can benefit your daily lifestyle. Combined with regular excersise routine it can help burnout prevention and overall more happiness and satisfaction to your daily life.

If you decide you want to examine yourself or if you have any pain,  Betterlifestyle team  recommends top therapist Izidor Ivanovic from Corpus physiotherapy. You can check him out at

Better Lifestyle, Maxi Market and Guerlain


A day before Slovenian Mothers day celebration, Better Lifestyle team organised an event with our partner Maxi Market, a department store with the longest tradition in Ljubljana city centre. Maxi Market, Guerlain and Better Lifestyle team decided to present novelties in cosmetics department and presentation of new fragrance Mon Guerlain. Group of international women, from various backgrounds gathered to a nice private event, where they learned about history of Guerlain fragrance production, ingredients of the fragrance and why Guardian chose to present its new 2017 with Angelina Jolie, one of the strongest and most influential women and humanitarian in the World. After presentation women were invited to test all the new decorative Guerlain cosmetics and learn how to apply make up with professional make up artists. This private event as well featured nice Guerlain purse size make up bag with gifts and special discount to shop in the cosmetics as well as clothing departments. What really made event special is not only presentation and personalised treatment of the invited group, but as well networking and getting to know different women from different countries and professional backgrounds. Thus, if you want to partner with Better Lifestyle team, we as well offer personalised events for our partners where you are able to network and present your products and services.


My selection of spring Zara shoes

Since spring and summer are here, I wanted to share with you my favorite shoes from spring/summer 2017 Zara collection. Even though I have many designer shoes, I always go back to my Zara shoes, because they are very comfortable and what I like most is that I do not care if my heel gets wrecked, because I didn’t spend fortune buying them.  

“Don’t forget that shoe shopping can be spring workout cardio and if someone tells you you do not need new shoes, stop talking to them, because you do not need that kind of negativity in your life”