Astrology has been my secret interest and passion since I was a twelfe year old, bored girl on a family visit who found a book about astrology at her aunts book shelve. Since I have read this book, I have started to think about effects of the planets, zodiac signs and meaning of our dreams. And since my poarents didn’t support this interest, I secretly read what I could find in a library. Then I forgot about it for many years being busy with college study until some life events triggered me to go back to discovering higher meaning of life, our purpose, and what leads us into different situations.
When I first asked for my natal chart to be done, I was amazed in how many peronality traits and life evens could be discovered by one only looking into plantes positions at my birth. It led me into more research, since I am the type of personality who likes to have all the possible information on abstracts that interest me. This is how I started to attend Stella Academy in Ljubljana to learn more about language of zodiac, movements of planets as a mean for divining information and events that one experienced.
In this section of my blog I will write about what I have learned on astrology and about current effects of planets in general which could one apply into their own life events or state of being. Stay tuned and you will read about power of planets on our life and how to best use current energy for your own benefit.

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