This week will be mostly marked by bombastic conjunction of Mars and Uranus on last degrees of Aries, causing tense, dynamic and powerful energy. This conjunction will make us highly charged which can bring us sudden and unpredictable changes in our business ventures or extreme explosiveness in our communication, that will affect our behaviour and thus interfere with our business or personal relationships. Mars, planet of energy and placed in its home in Aries, represents strong ambition and desire for action and power. And Uranus, planet that is known as “awakener” and represents electricity, originality and individuality will in conjunction with Mars bring even higher and more powerful desire to act immediately and with strong force. Since Mars rules to our basic instinct of anger , survival, aggression and sexual energy , we can expect that Uranus will add electricity to all of these instincts, so beware of getting too fast or explosive in your actions or communication. This aspect can bring as well natural disasters or strong volatile energy. Be careful on the roads, since nervousness in traffic and accidents potential is higher. This is the last aspect of conjunction Uranus and Mars in Aries, since Uranus is moving up to Taurus and it will take next 80 years for this aspect to form again. Uranus stays in Taurus, for next seven years, up until 2026, since it is a planet that travels slow.  Once Uranus moves to Taurus on Thursday at noon, we will turn all our forces to obtain material gain. Moon is still in its growing phase, so it is still good time to start new endeavours and long planned projects and business ventures, since this growth phase will bring us success and realisation of our goals.  This is backed with Moon in Taurus , because Moon is in its great position of exaltation.  Moon will be in Taurus until Wednesday, so it is good to make fresh starts now.  Mercury, planet of communication is in sensitive Pieces which provokes fantastic imagination, but at the same time unorganised thoughts, possibilities for frauds and expanded creativity and spiritual potential.  Venus is still feeling cold and calculating in serious Capricorn and since it forms sextile with Neptune in Pieces, this can bring us idealisation of love affairs and all love emotions. On Wednesday Moon moves into Gemini, expanding our nervousness and irritability. On Friday Moon moves into its home , sign of Cancer and over the weekend we will feel more emotional and will search for compassion and love within our family and home atmosphere. We will act more maternal and do anything to please our family members. With positive aspect Moon in Cancer and Mars in Taurus on Friday night , will bring us lots of passion and great start of weekend. Up until Saturday when we are forced by Saturn and Venus in Capricorn forming opposition to Moon in Cancer and bringing stressed energy and seriousness in our love affairs.  Finally all the stressful aspects cool down on Sunday night and Moon moves into  Leo demanding glamorous life and admirations.

Stay safe this week and focus your extended energy and strong planets into your advantage!

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