Few days ago, when I visited birthplace of Aphrodite in Paphos, Cyprus, I was contemplating what is the true, principal meaning of love and beauty, that we distorted lately. Since then I have been thinking about woman power and beauty.
For those who are not familiar with greek mythology, Aphrodite is goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and fertility. The legend says that Zeus (king of all gods) was so afraid that her beauty could cause wars, that he had her marry to the ugly and deformed god Hephaestus ( god of fire, craftsmen and sculpture) , to keep her safe. But Aphrodite was not stopped and she had many lovers and children. Aphrodite is said to be lady of Cyprus,, because she was born at Phapos, as a result of castration of Uranus (god of sky) genitals, that were thrown into the sea and caused the foam from which beautiful goddess was born. That is why when in Cyprus, legend says swimming at Aphrodite beach will make you beautiful, young and fertile.
As of woman energy and power of beauty, woman love and fertility, I am often thinking about how beauty is being too much objectified these days. Women should look into being beautiful not only by our physical appearance, but also by our experiences, our attitude, our personality, our talents and our confidence. You were given the body you have, so celebrate it, value it and care for it. Standards of physical beauty are changing constantly, but love for yourself is bringing lifelong satisfaction and happiness. Because what can be more influential than gratitude for what you have, love for how you look and appreciation for what you have learned from past experiences? When I discussed woman issues with my dear friend Valentina, she once pointed out that she is concerned about so many women are talking that they want to look more attractive, but no one is talking about trying to become better person. And I couldn’t agree more. Lets  be aware of our ability for loving ourselves and others and power to be good people. That doesn’t mean we should ignore all the fun stuff that was made or given to us as women to have fun, but I mean not to take beauty trends too seriously and enjoy all those things women can do, that men can’t.
I did put my legs into cold sea water where Aphrodite was born, and I thanked mother Earth for my healthy body and once again promised myself I will do my best to love myself and appreciate my woman power, try everyday to be better person and love the goddess that is whit-in me.


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