About me

My name is Nada Brezec and I am from Slovenia. 

As a wife of professional athlete, I have lived in the USA for 10 years, where I earned the degree of Bachelor in Science in Criminal Justice from IUPUI and MBA at University of Phoenix. Besides my studies, I participated in charity programs and I worked as translator from Slovene to English and French, as a columnist, as Body&Mind executive and as business consultant for different companies. I co-owned Pilates Holistic Centre in Ljubljana that I successfully sold. Currently I am co-founder of Smart Movement in Canada. Living throughout different countries (USA, Europe and Russia) and moving frequently gave me great organisational skills, event planning skills and as well taught me how to adjust and adapt quickly to different situations, people and cultures. Thus, I know how important it is to have good relocation experience and someone to advise you about local professionals and Slovenian products.

I am happy to serve you as an ambassador of Better Lifestyle and as consultant how to enhance your moving experience with local people and businesses.


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