Spela Perc is my long time friend I met through Pilates classes and one of the best Pilates instructors Europe had, not to mention the pioneer of Slovenian Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic classes. Spela and me went through so many interesting moments since we met in Pilates studio and because I cannot write about all of them, I will only mention the most important one. I have introducted Spela to her husband and for love of her life she and her son moved to Toronto. At that time I gave birth to my second daugther and we sold our business. But we still wanted to work together and be connected so me and Spela created a Smart Movement System of workshops for healthy spine and burnout prevention. It gave us a good excuse for traveling and visitng eachother often. So, when Spela called me in March that she is visiting Ljubljana, we scheduled Healthy Spine workshop in Sunny Studio in Ljubljana.
I amusingly teased Spela that this workshop will show if really so many of her more than 2000 Facebook friends miss her Pilates, Gyrokinesis in Gryotonic classes as they often post it on her Facebook wall. We even included one of the best physiotherapist Izidor Ivanovic to make workshop more attractive and interesting. We were laughing to discover that once again Facebook friends are whatsoever more virtual friends than anything else. It is always easier to write on the FB wall, then really act and do something for yourself while rekindling with your favourite pilates teacher and friend. It took some work of my Betterlifestyle team to sell our Healthy Spine workshop and even though we had sponsors as Goriska Brda for cocktail hour and free heathy snacks from Restaurant Arboretum,gave beautiful giveavawys from HEAVEN cosmetics, wore beautiful Corpocabana sportswear; meaning free drinks, food and gifts, it took effort to convince audience about this Healthy Spine workshop. But at the end of the day it was beautiful, sold out workshop, that focused on improving your spinal health and gave participants tools and excersices that can be applied in everyday life to improve one’s spinal health which prevents burnout.
I am attaching gallery of photos for all that would like to feel the moment from workshop and take this opportunity to thank all of the participants, our sponsors and announce that there will be more workshops to come.

Remember that by strengthening your spine you are strengthening the core of your life.

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